How We Do It

A Truly Unique Approach

We’ve spent years developing a unique business model that allows us to bring real, state-of-the-art retirement services to a wide range of clients at affordable prices. Not a mass-produced, boiler-plate product, but truly interactive, comprehensive financial planning, performed by qualified experts. We believe that we offer a revolutionary package of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re Always On Your Side

We are independent, fee-based advisors, and committed to furthering the interests of our clients ahead of all others, even our own. As a Registered Investment Advisor under the SEC 1940 Act, we willingly accept fiduciary responsibility to our clients – something lacking from many firms holding themselves out as financial advisors. Our primary objective is not maximizing profit, but serving the needs of our clients. We answer only to our clients (and the regulators, of course) and never allow conflict of interests to influence our analysis or advice. Learn more about the importance of fiduciary advice here.

Always Cost Effective

One of the benefits of our business model is that it allows us to offer services at a fraction of the cost typically demanded by financial services firms. Our fees are fixed and based primarily on the time and effort required to fulfill our obligations to each client. We only accept engagements that are affordable and cost effective for our clients, based on a set of objective criteria that we will share with you.

We Offer Special Capabilities

While we are ready and willing to serve a diverse group of clients from wide range of backgrounds, we have built special capabilities in serving federal employees and annuitants. Mr. Miles is a nationally recognized expert in federal retirement and benefits issues and we specialize in planning for the special circumstances affecting this unique group. We combine world-class planning and analysis capabilities with expertise in federal benefits – a rare combination that makes us a unique resource for anyone covered by the federal retirement systems.