Investment Advice

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Variplan has extensive capabilities in developing investment strategies, evaluating and selecting specific investment securities and assisting our clients with investment implementation and management. We typically provide investment advice and management support only within support of a financial or retirement plan.

While not necessarily the key factor, investment strategy is usually an important factor in the success of a retirement plan. Often, the choice of investment strategy is critical to the ultimate success or failure of a plan in meeting your expectations.

Variplan clients understand that investment decisions are the means to an end, and not the end in them selves. The purpose of investment strategy is to maximize the probability of success, and for our clients, success means achieving their financial goals. All of our investment advice is carefully formulated to do one thing: maximize the probability that your plan will succeed – that your experience will be consistent with your expectations.

Rather than assessing your risk tolerance and then arbitrarily positioning your investments to deliver that maximum tolerable risk, our methods expose the minimum level of investment risk necessary to safely achieve your objectives. Our preference is that you take the risk necessary to get the job done, and no more.

We don’t sell securities or otherwise have any financial interest in securities selection or transactions, so our interests are not in conflict with those of our clients and we don’t have any agenda other than furthering those interests. As a Variplan client, you can always be sure that the investment advice you receive is the best advice we can give, period.

Our investment advice is provided as an integral part of Vantage-our comprehensive retirement and financial planning package.

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