What We Do

Advanced Financial Planning And Analysis

Variplan is dedicated to a single, central mission: to help you chart a safe course through retirement and navigate you financially from where you are now to where you want to be.

Unlike, many financial “advisors”, we focus our attention and effort, not on what has happened in the past, but on prospective analysis – estimating and understanding the probabilities associated with future events.

In planning for the future, you face risk – uncertainty stemming from a number of areas, including your lifespan, the behavior of investment markets, economic events, inflation, taxes and even your health. We identify and account for this risk and design financial plans that are, at once, rewarding and safe – maximizing the benefits you enjoy while also rigorously tested against various types of risk. Everything we do is aimed at helping you to balance reward and risk in ways that meet your needs.

With Variplan as your partner, you’ll always be confident that your financial course has been carefully designed to maximize the probability of success.

We serve individual clients and their families in a variety of areas, all related to long-term financial and retirement planning, and with special expertise in planning for federal employees and retirees: